Thronstahl ("the steel of which the throne is made" in German) was a temporary faction created by Bolsheviks, after the fall of the Aeternum Empire. It was designed to preserve Astroika and the various other remnants of Aeternum. The motto of Thronstahl was "Ave Thronstahl, Ave Victoria!" - "Hail Thronstahl, Hail Victory!" 

Government / Political Infrastructure PlansEdit

The plans of Thronstahl were devised even prior to the abandonment of the capital of Aeternum, Astroika. It would've follow a monarhical design, in which a singular Lord would oversee the operations of Thronstahl. Three divisions were to be devised, each having its own purpose within Thronstahl :

 The Nation of Thronstahl -

The main, governing body of Thronstahl. Under the helm of the Lord, a council of selected members (officers) would assist in the governance of the faction. 

The People's Army of Thronstahl (PAT) -

Comprised of Thronstahl's soldiers, led by a general. The army would act as the first line of defense, and would be the primary force in conducting invasions.

The Worker's Party of Thronstahl -

A party designed for the workers, builders, and farmers of the faction, led by a Party Leader who would help resonate the voices of the lower ranks to the Lord and Council.