Introduction Edit

Robbinho15 is a Dutch admin that has been around since the early days of Divinity. He first joined the server as a 13 year old boy with little to no experience in English. He bought Minecraft with the sole intention to play with friends on this cool server they had just discovered. So he jumped in and immediately joined a faction called DutchElves. The DutchElves were a faction high up in the trees and because the Little Robbinho15 wasnt used to grand structures he was very impressed and instantly fell in love with the server. After many years on the server he has seen a lot of players and knows a lot about the server and its features. This lead to his high leadership roles in Lordaeron and on the server. Robbinho15 was inactive during the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 due to real life issues and was deranked to a player with the possibility to regain admin when he comes back. This happened in May of 2017 and he is now doing work on plugins and the overall quality of the server together with new admins Kastow and RoboRik and ofcourse Walle01.

First era Edit

As shortly described above. Robbinho15 joined the DutchElves and was impressed. This wasnt for long though because he would soon be massacred by "The Butcher" Norition. He started a small faction together with most of the old group very close to the Main Road of the first world. It was located only a few chunks from the first version of Ascalon that was yet to be build. This faction was called Gauls and was later destroyed by negligence of the fellow officers and moved on to a more prosperous position in the woods where he started a Lonewolf faction together with his brother Yoshikiller2. This faction would later turn into the castle of Ithilien based on top of a hill on the northern side of the world. It was a impenetrable fortress with deep and long moats along with high walls and a glass roof over the city which prevented any attackers. Something which caused the last few factions to die and he swore to never let go of a faction that easy ever again. Several attackers tried to take the castle but to no avail. The castle and its rulers stood strong untill the end of the First era

Second era Edit