Introduction Edit

Republic is a faction originally created by geko96 and JoShUaWiNkLeS (aka uRe_JDubz_TVoD) on a server called PKK Craft in 2011. It was founded on the principle of uniting all factions of that server under one common republic. Since then, the Republic grew to become the United Republic Empire (URE/uRe). The Republic, now an empire, was forced to leave PKK when the server closed down. The Republic remained a closely knit group, however, and soon set out to found a new home.

History Edit

The Republic would move from server to server until finally arriving to Divinitycraft in September of 2015. Divinitycraft was on a slow descent to closure when the Republic first arrived. Upon its founding, nobody - not even geko96, who was the one to first be invited to the server - thought much of the capabilities of the Republic on Divinitycraft; this was a mistake. Ever since that autumn day in 2015, the Republic brought new vitality to the server and a revival to its politics. Wars were had against the new power, yet the Republic grew to a size just shy of that of Lordaeron, the hegemonic faction of Divinitycraft. Unfortunately, the trust the URE gave to new members would be its downfall four times, as members of enemy factions would infiltrate Republic ranks and become modded prematurely, causing the capital to be moved twice. However, the betrayals could not hold down the Republican spirit. After each fall, the Republic returned with nearly no damage done to its extremely loyal citizens and officers.

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New Gekopolis, the capital of the United Republic Empire

However, nothing can last forever and, in the summer of 2016, the Republic capital of Gekopolis was overrun by her enemies during the joint era of peace between the Republic and Lordaeron, which had become an ally. The sacking of Gekopolis occurred while geko96, sole Emperor of the Republic, was absent from the server. Not long after Gekopolis's fall, the server experienced a dramatic drop in player activity and became inactive. On 8 August 2016, the server administration chose to reset everything in hopes of rekindling the interests everyone once had for the seemingly dead server. The Third Era ended and Republic was lost with it.

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