Minecraftia is a faction established in October 2018 by baileyboy99. It is currently the third largest faction by members and the second largest faction in terms of territory claimed.

Background Edit

Minecraftia is a continuation of a faction with the same name that existed prior to the Fifth Era. Minecraftia became massively influential on the server during its existence.

Leader Edit

Baileyboy99 is the leader of the faction.

History Edit

Merger with Slazerik Edit

On 28 October, leader of allied faction Slazerik Marzychan suggested a merger of Slazerik and Minecraftia to togomojoo. This was forwarded to baileyboy99 and both leaders entered negotiations. Most of the discussion was over what to name the merged faction, and after much debate it was decided that the name Minecraftia would stay, due to its historical significance. Slazerik and its three members were absorbed into Minecraftia, as well as all their territories.

Territory Edit

Minecraftia's territory is split into five parts, the capital territory which is nestled in the humid region between the mesa and the desert, a territory approximately 1 kilometre north of the capital where a settlement is currently being established, as well as three newly-established foreign territories in the Nether.

Flag Edit

Main article: Flag of Minecraftia

The flag of Minecraftia was adopted on 27 October 2018, and was designed by togomojoo.