Story of Lewis2/Zombiepig2222 Edit

July 28th: I joined Questgivers with my great friend irl Zombiepig5000; _Questgiver set me up with a nice big home. Zombiepig5000 wanted me to play divinity a lot, however I didn't want to play it a lot, I wanted to play Hunger games on different servers. Zombiepig5000 was really annoyed, however I grew to like divinity a lot and go on it more often. On my second day of DivinityCraft I got my 1st job in Questgivers as a miner, I mined for Zombiepig5000, he paid me in iron. Once i had been mining for Zombiepig5000 for quiet a few days he taught me how to use spells and pick races and classes and how to get money, he taught me this before he went to Australia, he gave me a task of getting as much lapis and Diamonds as you can get, he was away for 3 weeks so i had plenty of time, and i also found a new money way ( gettin glowstone) it worked on getting money all day, however we was at war with Lordaeron and Vesperis, they had claimed half our base. I wasn't sure on what was going on cus i was new to the server so i just carried on making money. After 2 weeks i had got 15 diamond blocks and 5 stacks of Lapis blocks, Zombiepig5000 was impressed.I built and training arena and a disco in Questgivers. _Quest tried to get me to help him and stan_bush to attack lordaeron. I wasn't good at pvp and didn't know what was happening so i went back to base and got food. I went to Wales for 2 weeks after that and when i came online after those 2 weeks My base was a wreck; It got rekt by Lordaeron and TheFactory ( maybe a few other of Lordaeron allies ). I told Zombiepig5000 what happened and he said we had to leave Questgivers. The Night we left Questgivers, they disbanded. Me and Zombiepig5000 made a massive base with vFisS ( my friend irl ) CookieJohnsta got angry about us leaving Questgivers and she attacked us, she had Sparta Valerium and Lordaern to raid us, our name was Xinia, i lost 5 stax of lapis blox and 15 diamond blocks.