Ivaria (name coined by Bolsheviks) is a ginormous island which resides in the northern region of the world. It is the location of numerous settlements, cities, and structures, and has been the birthing place of a plethora of factions. 

The island prior to colonization was blanketed in a neverending forest which spanned across the entirety of the island; the trees propped up by rolling hills and mountains that could scarcely be deciphered due to the thick forestry. Few water sources dot Ivaria.


Astroika and Apex

 Upon the introduction of the Fourth Era, the southern-most region of Ivaria was settled by Bolsheviks and RoboRik. Bolsheviks would soon establish the city of Astroika, which would lay claim to much of Southern Ivaria. The island saw immense terraforming, as Astroika required flat land for suitable residence. 

Another aspiring faction, Apex, commenced construction of various settlements in the northern region of Ivaria. A brief, Cold War-esque competition flared, in which the two powers (Aeternum and Apex) vied over land, and a settlement was reached which drew the lines of ownership of Ivaria between the two factions.


The entirety of the Ivarian Island.

Aeternum, Respublica, and Lordaeron
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"The Red Expansion".

Astroika, one of the more prominent settlements and the late capital of the deceased Aeternum Empire, was overclaimed by Respublica, and ushered in the end of Astroikan/Aeternum control over Ivaria.

The settlements established by Apex, however, changed hands numerous times. The northern-most settlement, an enormous castle, is now under the helm of Roobster88 of Lordaeron. The town to the south-west of the castle currently possess no owner.

A plan was devised by Bolsheviks to colonize a large portion of Ivaria. These plans, dubbed "The Red Expansion" by Bolsheviks, included the construction of more cities and towns, as well as a railway system, which would've connected all of Aeternum. This would've further solidified Aeternum's presence on Ivaria, but alas, these plans never came to fruition. 

The plan introduced a layout for the locations of the new cities, named Novstroika and Chezkia. A railway system, as pictured, would've connected the major settlements, and further ensured unity. An outpost on the outskirts of Ivaria would've acted as a marker to further bolster the influence of Aeternum.

Although the island boasts an extensive history, much of the land is still unscathed.


Ivaria became the home of the Capital City of TheFederation. The Capital City is at the center of the island and is surrounded by Ascalon. Behind it are the griefed remains of Astroika.