The Frigus Mountains is a region of the DivinityCraft server in roughly the centre of the map. The area is known for its harsh, cold environment and its hilly landscape.

2017-11-14 (3)

The Frigus Mountains as they were on November 14th, 2017

Political Geography Edit

Two factions have claims in the Frigus Mountains, Kush, which has a city, Libertas, on the western side, and FelixFelicis, which has a small wooden building in the middle of the peaks.

Physical Geography Edit

Beneath the mountains is perhaps the biggest cave on the server, that stretches all the way from bedrock level to the surface. There is also a huge mineshaft system that runs through most of the cave, and in the middle of the cave is the Wall of Dovhidor, which seperates the whole cavern into two. The highest peak is at y=231.