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The Federation Wars are the battles between Respublica and TheFederation which initially began in January 2018. This starting date is debated due to TheFederation acting mostly as a supporting power during the first few months to the Asterreich, which had been continuing the Respublican Civil War. TheFederation began to officially be considered the head of a totally new series of battles against Respublica in the early weeks of March 2018. These wars would last for the rest of the month until an abrupt, temporary alliance was forced between the former enemies to face the warmongering of Furia. This new friendship would officially end the Federation Wars by 1 April 2018, when Lordaeron merged with TheFederation.

History Edit

Asterreich-TheFederation Alliance

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The Rise of TheFederation

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Veteres Confederacy

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Battles Edit

Siege of Gekoli

The First Assault on Gekoli

The first assault on Gekoli by the Federation was led by their President, Spoons. The people involved were __spoons__, ryman1015, and scottbolton101. The First Assault was a success for the Federation because they knocked down Respublica's power immensely in just one battle and retrieved Ara_72's sword.